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IOT aims to provide innovative optimization products and solutions to the oil and gas industry with a pic2 focus on service, safety and innovative products that provide solutions to production decline while reducing greenhouse gas emissions. With industry leading experience in unloading gas wells, partnering with IOT is a sure way to secure your future production needs. IOT's exposure to highly sour fields and high pressure wells has enabled them to develop benchmarks that solidify their expertise. Their combined team efforts along with their proven results, sustain the essentials of todays oil and gas industry.

IOT has developed an Innovative monitoring and control solution called the 'Suitcase Package' that assists with troubleshooting, optimizing or monitoring producing wells with or without a plunger lift. By utilizing the Suitcase Package, IOT personnel and its clients have the ability to monitor real time data gathered from tubing, casing and static pressures, temperature and differential (calculate gas rate) via IOT's website. With the ability to also monitor plunger arrival times and virtually all the parameters from the plunger controller, we can make remote changes to the optimize cycle times based on real data. The Suitcase Package can be a temporary solution that can be utilized to optimize multiple wells, remote access locations or a permanent solution that offers EFM and control solution. Download a Brochure here

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